O365, Glow Scotland and Mac OS X

One area that I’ve always felt is lacking on Macs is Microsoft Office. Don’t get me wrong I love Keynote, but for school work I need fully fledged Office, particularly for developing resources for the pupils and until now that’s meant keeping an old laptop with Windows on it for screen dumps or, my preferred solution, a virtual machine…that’s all about to change. Microsoft have just released their Office 2016 for Mac preview, you can read more and download it from the Microsoft Blog here.

My initial impressions are good, download and installation was very quick and it automatically picked up my O365 sign in details from OneNote and I had the option of creating a new document, opening one from my Mac or opening one stored in Glow.

The user interface is very familiar, infact it’s almost identical to Office 2013 for PC – see the screenshots below PC followed by Mac.

Powerpoint and Excel both have a equally similar layout and saving into Glow is the default option, there’s no other settings to mess around with which is great.

A quick word of warning though, the software is still a preview. There is some features that may not be there or that don’t work as expected, for example I’ve been unable to get Outlook to launch at all. For that reason I’ve kept Office 2011 installed to allow me to swap between them if necessary.