OneDrive for Business Mac Sync Client

It’s finally coming!

Any area which has been discussed on the Glow National Newsfeed and support forums is the lack of a OneDrive Sync Client for Mac…this has been the only missing piece of the puzzle for a while following the release of iOS and Android apps which complimented the original Windows Sync Client.

The good news is that Microsoft appear to be almost ready for a public release of the Mac client, infact the beta has now been released, but unlike the Office 2016 preview my advice for now would be to avoid it. The installation was fairly smooth and choosing a Sync folder was simple. The app created a folder in the location I specified called ‘OneDriveBusiness’ and pulled down all of my existing documents. However I quickly noticed that my battery was draining quicker than normal and the fan on my MacBook Air was on almost constantly (which is very unusual!) so it seems the app isn’t quite as efficient as it’s Windows counterpart yet…hopefully they get it sorted soon and I can finally have the same funcitonality on OS X as I have in Windows 7!

If you do want to give the app a try you can download it here.