Migrating our Photo Library

The next task from my Summer Projects list was easy to set up, but pretty time consuming to implement; moving our photo library from the local network into Sharepoint.

At whole school events, on trips and throughout the day to day running of the school, we take a tremendous number of photos to evidence class work, share on our website, twitter feed and in our newsletters etc. We also make use of them in a Leavers Collage video at the end of each school year. These photos take up a huge amount of space on the server but get accessed fairly infrequently so I decided to move them online.

Through O365 and Glow, we’ve got a School Site that can be accessed by staff and pupils, and a subsite that can only be accessed by staff. I know that there’s a nominal limit on the storage capacity of these sites, but I’m confident it’s large enough for it not to cause us any issues.

First I collated all photos from our Staff and Pupil shared areas and grouped them into folders based on academic school years; actually finding all of the photos was probably the most time consuming job…I’m not convinced that I’ve actually found them all to be honest! Next I set up a location in the Staff Sharepoint Site with subfolders for each academic year and put a tile on the Sharepoint Site so that staff could find it easily. After that was finished it was a case dragging and dropping each folder into Glow and leaving them to upload. Thankfully there’s not a lot happening on Education networks over the summer holidays!