New S1 Accounts

Task 1 from my Summer Projects list. This was an easy one!

Our managed service provider automatically transfers user accounts from our associated primary schools without any intervention. The downside is that we have a significant number of placing requests each year (in this case 37%!).

The first task was going through incoming class lists to identify pupils from non associated primary schools – a fairly easy task thanks to our office staff – and sending it off to the managed service provider. This year they were on the ball and I received the user account list 3 days before the end of term (this usually comes mid summer).

Next I had to go through the list of user accounts they’d sent through and match each account to a pupil that we’re actually expecting in August. This year there’s 65 pupils from associated primary schools who’ve either put in a placing to another secondary, or who have move between primary schools and have multiple imported accounts…those accounts will need to be deleted at some point.

Next onto the Room Booking System setup.

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