In my new post of ICT Co-ordinator for the school I have responsibility for our annual computer refresh. We’re very fortunate with our managed service provider and have our stations refreshed every 4 years.

This year was obviously my first experience of going through the refresh process and it was…interesting!

Planning began around the beginning of September when I received our assets register which listed the equipment that we had in the school along with a rough estimate of the number of new stations that we would receive in November. The first task was to identify the oldest station numbers in the school and where they were located. This was relatively painless (except pinpointing the location of the laptops that were due to come off of the network!) After this was completed and I knew how many stations we were replacing the order for our new computers was placed.

The hard work began around 2 weeks before the delivery of the new stations; I had to plan the order that the old stations would be removed in, as well as arrange cover for the classes that I would miss and complete my S5 reports (also due during the refresh!).


Finally D-Day was upon is, thankfully the new stations were arriving on an inservice day, therefore no classes were affected and I could ask the rest of the members of my faculty for support in unloading 9 pallets of boxes. It was no mean feat and involved unwrapping, moving, stacking and counting 258 boxes of computers and monitors.


The next week was spent moving the boxes into the correct rooms and removing the old stations ready for uplift, every single department in the school had at least 1 station to be replaced so there was a lot of disruption teachers’ routines. Thankfully I was given cover for 2 days to allow me to do the move and everything went smoothly.


After 5 exhaustingly long days I was done! 119 stations removed and into the store cupboard ready for uplift, and 129 new stations placed in their departments ready for installation. Thanks goodness I have a year until I have to do it all again!!